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Elocution Seattle provides clinical speech-language pathology services to clients of all ages.  Non-clinical services include communication skills improvement, public speaking skills and  foreign accent reduction.


Adult Services

Effective communication skills enhance one’s confidence and the ability to establish successful partnerships personally, professionally, and socially. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, effective communication skills are of utmost importance.Many medical, linguistic, and psycho-linguistic factors can contribute to difficulties in communication. It is very important to understand the underlying reasons for such difficulties as well as the individual’s learning styles to create an effective treatment plan.

Services at Elocution Seattle strive to address the core speech difficulties as well as design treatment strategies that use the client’s unique learning style to achieve success.

Clinical Services


In addition to data collected from ENT specialists, voice labs, neurologists, etc., baseline measurement using state of the art technology and standardized testing are performed to help design individualized treatment plans.

Therapy for Voice and Motor Speech Disorders

Individual sessions using a variety of clinically proven techniques and advanced technology are designed to address a variety of voice disorders and motor speech disorders, such as hyperfunction dysphonia, voice disorders contributed by vocal fold pathologies and dysarthrias.

Professional Services

Foreign Accent Reduction

This program utilizes principles and practice materials from the clinically proven Compton P-ESL Program and state of the art technology to establish correct pronunciation and intonation patterns.  Elocution Seattle offers  individual  assessments  and  tutoring  in  foreign  accent reduction.  This thirteen session 90-minute course for ESL speakers uses nationally recognized techniques clinically proven to improve pronunciation, intonation, grammar, semantics, and voice projection.

These one-on-one tutorials provide individual attention for those with strong accents or who desire a personalized environment.

Accent Reduction for North American Dialects

Individual tutorials using clinically proven principles, practice materials, and technology, help reduce accents associated with regional dialects.

Care of the Professional Voice

Participants in this 7-week course will learn the physical and psycho-physiological aspects of voice production, vocal hygiene, establishing and maintaining an optimal voice.

Public Speaking

Individual tutorials address enunciation, voice projection, intonation, semantics, pragmatics, speech organization and other issues.

Elocution Seattle conducts tutorials for individuals who have so much to share but feel they can improve their skills in speaking to big groups. Participants will receive training in clear pronunciation, voice projection, intonation, semantics and the social use of language. For those traveling to the Far East, tutorials can also address issues of the Asian cultures. With the ever-increasing global economy, audiences are also becoming increasing diverse. We all want people to listen to what we have to say all the time. These tutorials will help your employees and executives achieve this goal in a non-threatening and supportive environment.


Effective communication increases productivity. When team members are not communicating effectively as a result of hearing loss, stroke, voice disorders, or non-clinical factors such as a lack of efficient communication strategies, or just worrying about a loved one, it affects the entire team. Elocution Seattle can help find strategies to deal with most of these issues.

We provide forums, seminars and discussions regarding speech-language issues for both the person in question and his/her entire team. We help find strategies to better communication so that individuals can cope with many situations easier.

These include:

Speech-language Development and its effects on cognition, behavior and literacy

Speech- Language issues associated with Aging


Hard of hearing and Deafness


Degenerative Disorders

Language Disorders associated with Attention Deficit Disorder in children and adults

Foreign Accent Reduction

Cross-cultural communication