Posted By admin on June 30th, 2009

Elocution Seattle provides clinical speech-language pathology services to clients of all ages.  Non-clinical services include communication skills improvement, public speaking skills and  foreign accent reduction.



Forums, Seminars, and One-on-ones

Speech-Language issues can impact every area of our lives. People worried about their health or the health of a child, parent or loved one can be distracted at work. Children with difficulties have a hard time following in class, but teachers may not know all the warning signs.

Elocution Seattle offers consultative services to corportations, parents groups, schools, and others. These services include seminars, forums or just simple discussions.


Effective communication increases productivity. When team members are not communicating effectively as a result of hearing loss, stroke, voice disorders, or non-clinical factors such as a lack of efficient communication strategies, or just worrying about a loved one, it affects the entire team. Elocution Seattle can help find strategies to deal with most of these issues.

We provide forums, seminars and discussions regarding speech-language issues for both the person in question and his/her entire team. We help find strategies to better communication so that individuals can cope with many situations easier.

These include:

Speech-language Development and its effects on cognition, behavior and literacy

Speech- Language issues associated with Aging


Hard of hearing and Deafness


Degenerative Disorders

Language Disorders associated with Attention Deficit Disorder in children and adults

Foreign Accent Reduction

Cross-cultural communication