Posted By admin on June 30th, 2009

Elocution Seattle provides clinical speech-language pathology services to clients of all ages.  Non-clinical services include communication skills improvement, public speaking skills and  foreign accent reduction.



From R. Johnson, M.D.

“Vivian Lam is a wonderful speech therapist in solo practice. Her office is conveniently located on Westlake, with plenty of parking. My daughter has articulation problems, and she started seeing Vivian at the age of 3. In just three months of therapy, my daughter’s speech improved so much that her grandparents could understand her on the phone. In face-to-face encounters, I no longer had to tell others what she was trying to say. She continues to make noticeable progress each month.

I’m a pediatrician, and I’ve been extremely impressed by Vivian’s knowledge base, as well as her skilful, effective, and kind weekly interactions with my daughter. Vivian is experienced with patients with special needs, and she also sees adults for accent reduction and other issues. I recommend her very highly!”

From Tina

“As parents concerned about our son’s delayed language development, the search for the answers we were looking for was a long road.  With her broad knowledge, experience and expertise, Vivian was able to pinpoint our son’s difficulty with language acquisition and processing and provide a visual language-based therapy to strengthen his verbal skills.  When Alex started with Vivian as a 4 1/2 year old, he had great difficulty communicating.  Now he is thriving in third grade at a selective private school.  With her help, his dramatic progress would not have been possible.”

From HR Consultant – Microsoft Corporation

Feedback from team members after a presentation: “Your speech was clear, the intonation was right on, you paused at the right time…. “ I was ecstatic to hear this! It’s everything that we have both been working on. I now know that people around me can see the difference. THANK YOU VIVIAN!!! I am so glad to have worked with you.